The Barrel Of Butter - Snorkel With The Seals

The Barrel Of Butter

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TypeSnorkel With The Seals
Date Built30/11/-0001
Latitude58 48 .5N
Longitude03 04 .5W

The Barrel Of ButterThe Barrel Of ButterThe Barrel Of ButterThe Barrel Of Butter

We offer the chance to swim with the seals at the Barrel of Butter.
We do this between dives and have found that just snorkeling gave much more interaction and allows you to get close to basking seals.


The Barrel of Butter is a small island in the middle of the Flow. So called because it was once, a payment of one barrel of butter given to the laird of the land, for the right to hunt seals.

Dive Guide

We'll put you in close on the lee side of the rock, armed with snorkel, mask and fins.
I think it's nice to have the freedom to just snorkel as it allows you to get much closer.
The seals are quite shy, but if two or three of you just float facing each other you'll see them try to sneak up behind the buddy your facing.


Seals basking on the rock and juveniles playing in the shallows.