Stanger Head - Scenic Dive

Dive Site Stats

TypeScenic Dive
Date Built30/11/-0001
Latitude58 48 .5N
Longitude03 04 .5W

Stanger HeadStanger HeadStanger HeadStanger Head

Fantastic wall dive, very scenic both above and below, lots of life and a chance for the hunter gatherer.


Stanger Head sits on the south east tip of Flotta.
The name Flotta comes from the old norse name 'Flatey' meaning flat island.

Dive Guide

This is a wall dive or at least starts off that way. We position the nose of Invincible to within a meter or so of the cliffs as to give you just a short swim.

The depth is around 20 meters along the wall but depending on which way the current is running you may end up at the Old Man and Old Women of Flotta. These are two stacks rising from the sea within a small cove with a natural arch behind, very shallow in this area and out of the tide.

If you come off the rocks and out of the cove you can have quite an exhilarating drift and an opportunity to gather a scallop or two in the deeper waters at around 40 meters.


A wealth of life including wrasse, pollock, cod and saith, octopus are common.