Tabarka - Steamship

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Date Built30/11/-0001
Built byWrf. Voorh. Rijkee. Co Ro
Date sunk27/07/1944
FateSunk As Block Ship
Latitude58.55.56 N
Longitude03.18.80 W


The Tabarka is another great shallow second dive, she lies upside down in 12 meters of very tidal water, and can only be dived during slack.

This is a big big favourite and is always asked for.


The Tabarka, seized at Falmouth in 1940 by the British Navy, this single screw steamer was sailed under her own power and sunk as a block ship in Kirk Sound.

As the construction of the Churchill Barriers was coming along nicely it was decided to re-float her, and move her to her present position in Burra Sound.

Dive Guide

The Tabarka lies upside down in approximately 12 meters of water.

This is a negative entry dive and extreme care must be taken to ensure that your cylinders are fully opened.

We get everyone suited and booted and ready to dive just as the water comes slack we move into position over the wreck and give the word to go. The shallowest part of the wreck rises up to as little as 6 meters. There are many holes along the sides where she was blasted during the scuttling and a large section near the bows has now fallen through.

The main areas of interest are the boulders which were loaded into the vessel to help her sink. The second are the three huge boilers which have dropped from their mountings, as you pass by the boilers you come to the steam engine with it's huge pistons and con rods.

This is a lovely dive with crystal clear water with rays of light penetrating through the wreck.


Wrasse and small shoaling fish, crabs and lobster,
all different kinds of anemone carpet the wreck.