What's included in our Scapa Flow charter?

Included in your charter are five days diving with five nights onboard accommodation, two dives per day, all your air fills, breakfast, lunch and all the tea and coffee you can drink.


What does a typical Scapa week consist of?

We normally welcome our new customers arriving on the Sunday midday ferry, Hamnavoe from Scrabster to Stromness. Diving commences Monday morning, with a self service continental breakfast on the way out and on site and ready to dive by around 0830hrs. Then after the first dive, Fiona has the homemade soup ready and waiting for you. We allow at least two hours between dives, depending on the profile. After the second dive of the day Fiona has a hot meal ready. Our last dive of the week would be early Friday afternoon, to allow time for those that wish to catch the Friday afternoon ferry which departs Stromness at 1645hrs, or there is the option of catch the ferry from Kirkwall which departs at 23.45 and arrives into Aberdeen at 07.00hrs on the Saturday Morning, this is quite a popular option.

For more information on what a typical Scapa week consists of, please visit our dedicated Scapa page.


What's included in our Shetland charter?

Included in your charter are six days diving but with five nights onboard accommodation, this is to fit in with the ferry timetable.

As with Scapa you still get two dives per day, all your air fills, breakfast and lunch, and all the tea and coffee you can drink.


What does a typical Shetland week consist of?

A typical week would consist of catching the Hrossey ferry from Aberdeen on the Saturday evening, arriving into Lerwick for 0730hrs Sunday morning. The Invincible is just a 5 minuite taxi ride away, where we will be ready to welcome you onboard. Once you have settled in, we head out to the first dive of the week which is just 15 minuites from the harbour. Weather being good, we like to spend a couple of nights away up in the North Isles, Unst & Cullivoe. The last dive of the week will be Friday lunch time, giving you plenty of time to catch the 1730hrs ferry from Lerwick, taking you into Aberdeen for 0800hrs Saturday morning.

For more details of what a typical Shetland week consists of, please visit our dedicated Shetland page.


Can we do a third dive?

Yes absolutely no problem, we charge £50 per head for a third dive, based on the whole group doing a third dive.


Can I bring my camera?

Yes of course, we are used to seeing divers with very large camera/video systems.


What should I bring?

Be prepared and dress for the weather, bring plenty of warm clothing and don't forget the shorts, t-shirts and the suntan oil. There's a saying up in these parts, "If you don't like the weather then wait 20 minutes and it'll change."


Bring all your own personal diving equipment. In addition we would strongly advise that you bring two SMB's and a means of deploying them, these should be red and at least 1mt tall, please avoid the half red half yellow as they're not so good, and please avoid the new techie black ones altogether. If diving Nitrox then please don't forget to bring your own Oxygen Analyzer. Even though I always analyze the gas after mixing, it is your responsibility to analyze your gas with your own analyzer.

If diving Shetland then make sure you have all the spares and back ups you may need.


Is bedding included?

Pillows and cases are provided, but please bring your own sleeping bag and towel.

Alternatively if luggage is an issue then we can hire you a sleeping bag.



Can we use the Galley?

Yes, absolutely please feel free to use the facilities aboard to prepare meals. In Stromness there's a Co-op, local baker and butcher shop,  various pubs, restaurants, cafes, fish & chip shop, The Peedie Chippie van (a must on a Saturday). all just five minutes walk from the boat.

In Kirkwall  there's also a Tesco and a Lidl  pubs/restaurants, curry house and a chinese. Shetland also has ample eateries to try.


Are lead weights provided?

Yes lead weights are provided free, but if you loose them then we ask that you replace them.

Our weights consist of a mix of two and four pound blocks and the curved six pound blocks.

Please don't forget to bring your own weight belt/strap.


Are you Int or Din?

We can accommodate all from A-Clamp (International) Din and M26.


Can we have 300bar fills?

No all air, Nitrox, Oxygen and Trimix are pumed to a maximum of 240bar.


Suit Repairs?

In Stromness there are 2 dive shops offering overnight suit repairs. In Shetland however it is best to bring repair kit

or even a spare suit as there is no suit repair facility there.


What is the water temperature?

The water temperature starts of at around 6 to 8 degrees C during Easter and gradually warms up to a tropical 13 degrees C as we come

into mid August.


Should I bring a vehicle?

Yes absolutely bring your vehicle, car parking is free and just two minuet walk from our berth.

Alternatively you can hire a vehicle and there is a daily bus service available.

There is much to see on the Orkney mainland and we're quite often back in port by mid afternoon. This gives you plenty of time to go and see the many historical sites like The Ring of Brodgar, Skara Brae, The Italian Chapel or take a tour of the Highland Park Distillery, The Ness Battery. The Orkney Wine Company is also worth a look and is right next to the Italian Chapel, they make some lovely wines and they love to give free taste samples, so please designate a driver.


Is there wifi onboard?

Yes we now have wifi throughout the accommodation of the boat, and most mobile networks such as Three, EE & GiffGaff work fine in Orkney and Shetland when away from the boat.


What banking facilities are there in Orkney?

In Stromness there is a Bank of Scotland and there is also an ATM at the Co-op supermarket.

Kirkwall also has a Bank of Scotland along with The Royal Bank of Scotland, The Clydesdale and TSB.


Is there a launderette?

Yes, just 2 minutes from the boat.


Is there a chamber in Orkney?

Yes, we have our very own state of the art  Orkney Hyperbaric Chamber facility providing 24 hour cover just five minutes from our berth.

in Stromness making Scapa Flow statistically the safest place in the UK to go diving.


What else does Stromness have?

Stromness By Carriage  (this is a must do!)  a unique way to tour Stromness by horse and carriage.


Doctors surgery


Swimming pool with sauna, jacuzzi, steam room &  fitness suite

Post office (in bakery shop)

Library with free internet access

Art gallery


Gift shops