M.V. Mara - Dive Boat (ex Fishery Research Vessel)

M.V. Mara

Dive Site Stats

TypeDive Boat (ex Fishery Research Vessel)
Date Built30/11/-0001
FateSank At Mooring During Ga
Latitude58. N
Longitude03. W

M.V. MaraM.V. MaraM.V. MaraM.V. Mara

22 meter ex Scapa liveaboard dive vessel laying on her starboard side.


Once a fisheries research vessel, later owned by the YMCA she ran liveaboard dive charters out of Oban. I actually had a week aboard her myself way back when I was a member of the Oxford branch BSAC

She was later bought by George Litts and was used as a Scapa liveaboard.

Sadly she became neglected and was towed to Lyness Warf where she lay for some years until she finally broke her moorings and went over during a storm.

I was working for a local diving firm, we had got the job of moving her out to the F2 bouy.

We had all these huge 5 tonne lifting bags and the cutting gear ready, but as luck would have it one of the Scapa tugs turned up on site, keen for an easy life and a quick day Pip and Doug had a wee word with the skipper.

We fastened a heavy strop to the prop shaft and they dragged her out to her present position, job and knock.

Dive Guide

A nice easy dive, and a chance to practice your navigation, starting off at the Mara, take a compass bearing of around 270 degrees and a swim for about 80 meters and your at the F2, and another 20 meters from that and your at the salvage barge YC-21.
A good dive for collecting scallops and queenies.


Dead mans fingers, plumose anemones, small shoaling fish, conger, king and queen scallops, crab & lobster can all be found at this site.