Here are some of the highlights of our 2017 diving season.

Here are some of the highlights of our 2017 diving season.

published: 21:48:33 13/12/2017


Well that's the end of another great diving season in Scapa Flow and Shetland and we're all tied up now in our winter berth. Many thanks to all our customers new and old for giving us such a great year and we're already looking forward to the 2018 diving season ahead.

Here are some of the highlights of our 2017 diving season. 

New for this year we decided to get our very own printed mugs, just a wee memento of your week onboard with us.

As most of you already know we stopped the cooked breakfasts back in 2016, we feel the new menu works fine and the surf and turf this year was a big hit and is something we can make standard for next year, the only catch is you have to catch a few scallops! The turf is no problem, you just have to catch em scallops!



The big highlight for us this year has to be the honor and privilege to have Pat Fung celebrate her 80th birthday with us, this young lady is no ordinary diver, she is a SUPER DIVER she dived the lot! the Colnthe Brummer, the Kronprinz Wilhelm, the Bayern Turrets theKonig the Markgraf the Dresden theKarlsruhe, the F2 & YC-21 salvage barge, the Tabarka, The James Barry and finished off her week with the UB-116, and all done on a single 10L and pony, she was the first to be kitted up and in the water and were both  just in awe, absolutely amazing.
We also had Gerry the Brain onboard crewing for us and did a sterling job indeed, the divers were spoilt on deck with his wealth of knowledge of the German Fleet.












Shetland 2017
We made our usual annual pilgrimage up to Shetland  and the Cod Father was with us for another return trip and a right fine time was had by all.  We even had a  friendly otter keeping us company of an evening who liked to scratch himself on our power cable and also our friendly neighborhood seal was up to his usual and is quite the 

tourist attraction, almost performing like a captive sea lion.




Our customers kindly gave us a review of Shetland to read more of this please visit please click here to read more









Ferry Costs Reduction 
Good news for our divers visiting us from 2018 and on wards  as ferry costs are being reduced drastically from next year, please click here for more information

SCAPA 100  First ever aircraft landed
This year sees 100 years since the first ever aircraft landed on a moving Royal Navy ship, a poignant and historic moment took place in Scapa Flow this morning, Wednesday, when a Royal Navy helicopter landed on the deck of the brand new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth to read more click here.