We have headed up north to Shetland this month

We have headed up north to Shetland this month

published: 15:28:50 15/07/2016


This month sees the MV Invincible heading north for a few weeks to dive around Shetland. With exceptional underwater visibility, this makes Shetland perfect for underwater photography and videography with some of the most spectacular views of the islands being below the waves - submerged cliffs, stacks and caves of long-drowned shorelines, wildlife and of course wrecks.

The diving comprises of a wonderful combination of wreck, with scenic wall and cave dives, and a bit of hunter gatherer thrown in for good measure, classic steamships like the Glenisla and Glwadmena to huge Klondikers lay just minutes from the harbour.
In fact all the wrecks to the south of Lerwick lie within easy reach of each other, and the waters are almost none tidal so we can dive at virtually any time of the day. This makes for a perfect opportunity to accommodate mixed groups of both recreational and technical divers within a single day.For example, it's not a problem for us to start the day off with a dive on the Glwadmena, a 221 foot steamer which lies in 39 meters, followed then  by a dive on the Leonatus a steamship laying in 60 meters of very clear waters.These two wrecks are only 20 minutes apart, giving us plenty of time for everyone to enjoy a shallow wreck or scenic dive in the afternoon, such as the Giants Legs which is a cave dive off the Island of Bressay and penetrates to 120 meters into the cliff face.
There are other various wall, scenic and wrecks dives such as Noss Head which boasts the largest colony of Ganetts in the UK. But if the Gods are with us and we can travel north, then we have The Jane, a 198 foot steamship laying in 20mts, very scenic and good for scallops. Or the famous  E-49 British Submarine and the chance to dive Muckle Flugga and the Outstack, the most northerly point of the British Isles.

The fishing is phenomenal in The Shetlands, so if you are into a bit of fishing and cooking then this is the week for you! Shetland also boasts some of the largest sea bird colonies in the world and we even have Otters running along the pier at night.

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