See What's New on-board the MV Invincible for 2017 Scapa and Shetland Scuba Diving Season

See What's New on-board the MV Invincible for 2017 Scapa and Shetland Scuba Diving Season

published: 15:27:04 14/06/2017



In March we headed down to Fraserburgh for our annual refit.. With her red shiny hull and white casing painted in the whitest of white ready for a great season ahead.
With a full spring clean top to bottom M.V.Invincible is now looking the best she has ever looked.

Here is what we have done in preparation for the 2017 Scapa and Shetland diving season:

Well we've had a fairly extensive re-fit this year starting off with;

  1. fixing the one of the fuel tanks on the starboard side
  2. New hand rail on starboard side
  3. New Silencer lagged and bagged
  4. New top flue and ring on chimney
  5. New header tank for the boiler with new transfer pump all plumbed in with stainless steel pipe
  6. New Aluminium hand rail on the top casing to replace the old black bar rails.
  7. Removed the old ladder from the port side of the casing and had a nice new set of steps fitted starboard side just behind the bridge door
  8. Plumbed in the back up water pump with check valves so if there's a problem the it's just two valves and a switch and we're back in business.
  9. New ARPA (Advanced Radar Plotting Aid) board fitted to radar and interfaced to the plotter
  10. All 6 66 litre cylinders that comprise our air bank sent away tested painted and fitted
  11. New stainless steel mixing panel fitted
  12. Air receivers tested and re-fitted
  13. All our diving cylinders tested, that's 12 x 12 litre manifolded twinsets, 12 x  11 litre side mounts, 6 x 15 litre cylinders and pony/rebreather bottles
  14. Two new windows fitted to the Port side of the casing in the mess.
  15. Quite an extensive cork on the forward section of the vessel, 3 days and sixty balls of oakum
  16. Outside of vessel washed scraped primed undercoat and top coat
  17. Oh and not to mention the full MCA survey 
  18. and life-raft exchange









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