All air fills are included in the charter price.


Nitrox Price List

Our Nitrox is competitively priced and starts at £8 per fill and increases at a rate of 2 pence per litre of oxygen added.

Please note that Nitrox is charged by the fill and not by top offs, also unmanifolded twinsets will be charged as two singles.


 2 Litres3 Litres7 Litres10 Litres12 Litres14 Litres15 Litres20 Litres24 Litres30 Litres


Oxygen Fills


We have a Haskel Booster pump onboard to provide our Rebreather customers with up to 240bar Oxygen fills.





Trimix is also available on request and charged at a rate of 3.5 pence per litre of Helium and 2 pence per litre of Oxygen added to the mix.

For example twin twelves (24 litres) filled with a 20/20 would cost £44.99

For re-breather divers, we have a standard charge of £10 for any 2L or 3L cylinder filled with anything up to a 21/33 mix.


We have a Vandergraph Trimix Analyser and I always check the gas after I've mixed it, but I do recommend checking your gas with your own analyser.


Duty of Care


Please note that we have a responsibility of care to our customers, so please don't ask us for a Nitrox mix that will exceed the maximum  depth that could be attained during a particular dive.

Remember our Analysers should only ever be a second to your own.