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Availability for 2018

Last updated 05/12/17

In the mean time we still have a few weeks and individual spaces left to fill for next year, if your interested the dates are as follows:
Scapa 2018
Scapa Flow is especially great for Orcas in the Early Season 

21st - 28th  April                12 spaces
5th - 12th  May                    9 spaces
19th -26th  May                 12 spaces
26th May -2nd June          12 spaces
16th -23rd -June                12 spaces

Later on in the season is  especially good for the Aurora Borealis  aka the Merry Dancers
25th  Aug - 1st  Sept           6    spaces
29th  Sept - 6th  Oct           8 spaces 

Scapa 100 (2019) Now Open Contact Us For More Information 




























SCAPA 100 Availability (2019)

Many of you have been asking for the 100 year anniversary 2019 for some time now, well we have now decided to open the diary for 2019, as yet we haven't taken any bookings for 100th year anniversary, obviously we can't give everyone the week including the 21st of June but we will try and be as fair as possible. At this stage we are just taking provisional bookings to plan the dairy out and with bookings being finalized at the start of next season around April 2018 so no one needs to feel stressed about forking out for deposits with the festivities just around the corner.

So if your interested in the Anniversary year then send us an email and we will get back to you all as soon as possible

We believe we are the only dive boat in Scapa Flow who has space left for the Scapa 100 week So dont miss out!!